Training Academy

DAS offer admission in various aviation courses Pan India & Middle East. It motivates and guides students having interest in the aviation sector to choose the best career option for them. DAS offers admission in license, graduation, diploma & certification courses of aviation sectors like pilot, engineering, maintenance, hospitality and management.

Flight Safety in aviation is the prime requirement. As the aviation market is growing rapidly, we need a huge number of skilled manpower acquainted with better technical & maintenance skills. Aircraft Engineers are technically skilled people who are responsible for design, development, research, maintenance, inspection, repair and modification of aircraft and systems. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are responsible for maintenance of aircraft and finally certifying the aircraft airworthy for operational flying. Aeronautical and Aerospace engineers are trained to design, modify and equip aircraft with the latest technology which will assist pilots during flight operations.

As per career prospective pilot license has a bright scope. The growing aviation sector requires a large number of skilled pilots for transporting civilians, the army, private and commercial products, or other types of cargo.

We very soon starting Training academy in Chennai & Dubai/Abu Dhabi for

  • EASA Approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Approved Drone flying Training
  • Pilot Academy
training academy
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