Cargo Charter

DAS provide Air Charter services to our clients on pre negotiated rates for twin engine jets , turboprop. aircraft and helicopter services as per the requirement to the various destinations in India and abroad. We also Provide Ambulance Services for the sick persons on immediate requirement.

We handle Tourist Charter Flights to Tourist Destinations in India and Nepal directly by arranging special teams of immigration and custom authorities for such airports which are not declared International Airports.

We make Special arrangements for tourist destined to Buddhist Circuits .Also the flight destined to tourist attraction places like Goa ,Madurai etc.

Our most efficient teams are deputed to assist and expeditious clearances for passengers and crews by making special transport arrangements and hotel accommodation on renegotiated rates

Hotel Booking / Car / Security Services / Escort Service are arranged for passengers and Crew at various locations in India on pre-negotiated rates. Round a clock aircraft and personal security is arranged inside and outside Airport for Passengers and Crew members.

In flight catering and refuelling are arranged as per instructions of the clients.

Liaison with State/Union Govt. of India for all matters pertaining to Customs immigration, Health Department., Security and Director General of tourism.

Obtaining slots from Airports Authority at all Airports.




  • Business corporate jets
  • Sate VVIP/VIP flights
  • Ambulance (Relief flights)
  • Demonstration aircrafts
  • Tourist Charter aircrafts
  • Cargo aircrafts


  • Access to un-serviced locations – make use of secondary smaller airports unavailable to scheduled services, bringing you closer to your final destination.
  • Choose your schedule – pick the exact time and date you want to fly. Flights are arranged to suit your plans.
  • A solution to complex logistical problems – flying large groups to a single or multiple destinations is what makes air charter such an appealing option. Take off and land together.
  • Branding options – from the check in desks to the headrest covers, you can even dress crews in personalised uniforms.
  • A completely bespoke service – every aspect of an air charter can be tailored to suit exact requirements, such as specific catering requests or service styles.
  • Baggage flexibility – there are no specific personal baggage restrictions. You have access to the entire luggage hold.
  • A unique travel experience – take full advantage of the exclusivity that private chartering offers.Combining flight time and meeting time
  • Organizing confidential travel
  • You want to charter a flight periodically with no engagements
  • You want to organize a customized flight plan




  • You want to avoid the crowds and the hassle
  • Putting an end to difficult destinations and complex schedules
  • Booking an emergency flight
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